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Would you?  Could you?
Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you are right.

This challenge applies to ones success with PhotoReading. Think  it’s something magical, something that only a mystic with special abilites can do then success will be hindered.

Let me tell you a secret about PhotoReading.

It’s not mystical, It’s not magic. The system as a whole uses skills everyone naturally uses every day.  Someone reading this already has the most important skill for PhotoReading mastery. The basic ability to read. How fast or slow doesn't matter. Just the ability to read .

Black Swan taking off
PhotoReading is the next step in reading. The skills that would have been great to learn in High School. Primary (elementary ) school reading was just the basic for learning reading. A foundation and most of us never learned the next level. Which means it's not a memory trick

The PhotoReading systemis the next level. Reading for information, to discover what is needed from the text and to put information to use.

With PhotoReading live seminar, home study course or even the book some additional reading skills are taught. Some lucky students may have discovered some of these techniques by chance. Most have not, so we include the best in the PhotoReading course.

The PhotoReading uses a natural skill, though most are not consciously aware of it. And we have brain research that shows more and more, there are more perceptual powers in the networks of the non-conscious mind than the conscious mind. To say we use only 1% of our conscious mind is an over estimate, even the art of reading is mostly non-conscious processes. This is the reasons the author prefers to refer to other part of the mind as the Greater Consciousness.

Ever go back to re-read a sentence because it didn't make sense? How does one know it didn't make sense? Through the processes of the Greater Consciousness.

Ever re-read something because a word was missed or wrong? Who informed the reader? The teacher or primary school tutor is not sitting there correcting the reader, who is correcting the reader? Again, The Greater Consciousness is in action. The non-conscious ( or greater consciousness) is watching over you as you read.

The PhotoReading step lets the reader tap that part of the mind. Take a mental snap shot of the text and let the Greater Vonsciousness process it. We already know it can be done.

One of the misunderstandings about the PhotoReading system is people assume it is reading at 25,000 words a minute. It isn’t reading at 25,000 words a minute it’s PhotoReading,  taking a mental snaphot at 25,000 to 100,000 words a minute. The conscious mind cannot handle that speed. The greater consciousness can because it does this naturally.

Reading was taught as a conscious skill and that cannot comfortably exceed 1000 words a minute. Faster than that is skimming not reading.

Take the figure that the conscious mind can only handle 7 plus or minus 2 bits of information a second. If this is a new idea, consider a friends phone number and recall the digits. Anything longer than 9 digits is difficult for most people to remember. So with that in mind and  consider, one word, is one bit. The maximum reading speed is 560 words a minute. (9 times 60 seconds)

The  mind takes in 2 million bits of information a second. Therefore, 25,000 to 100,000 is a leisurely pace. Research to date indicates that 2 million is conservative. The corpus collosum reportely processes around 3 trillion bits of information a second.. Can you see why the author prefers "Greater Consciousness"? What we call conscious awareness is only the tip of the ice-berg. PhotoReading taps more of that ice-berg.

A stumbling block that affects the learner. The stories and videos of expert PhotoReaders. Who flip the pages of the book or scroll the computer screen and then answer questions about the text. First it must be understood that they have used the PhotoReading system for a while and have the confidence a learner doesn't. They had built the non-conscious to conscious mind connection and trust their ability. The beginner has trouble believing they are capable of it yet so hinder their outcome. This is one of the things we work through during the course.

Here is a paradox, you’re going to score, as you believe. Pass or fail, as you believe.  The way to do what the expert photoreader does, use the system enough to own the system. This means shifting out of limiting reading and passive reading habits learned in primary (elementary) school.

The next stumbling block. The passive reading habit. The PhotoReading system is an active reading system. By active I mean you know what you want, from what you are reading and able to recognise when you’ve consciously grasped that. The techniques are rather easy and the activation step when applied quickly help the beginner to get through their reading material 3 to 5 times faster in a live seminar.

The problem of Habit. It’s habit that keep us in the passive reading approach. By applying the photoreading system a beginner can get their reading done three to 5 times faster. Looking at the photorreading experts they form the belief they cannot do it well enough and limit their best effort to the minimum. It doesn't require much effort. Just don't give up after one or two half hearted attempts. The belief that it’s difficult keeps them stuck in the passive reading approach. An approach that takes 12 to 18 hours per book as always because they cannot allow themselves to believe they can do what the experts have done. Most experts will take 2 to 4 hours for those same books.

During the seminar you will demonstration for yourself  what else is possible. You can do it. If you can read, you can PhotoRead.

For example PhotoReading Whole mind system can mean, instead of spending 18 waking hours in one book one can enjoy that book with the same level of comprehension in 3 hours or even 30 minutes depending on the readers purpose. Freeing up at least 15 hours for other things in life.

Learning through books has becomes much easier with PhotoReading.  Blast through text, find information to keep up to date with what is important in your life.

See the schedule for the next Seminar or get the PhotoReading home study course here.

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