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What is PhotoReading?
PhotoReading is nothing like speed reading.
Instead of moving your eyeballs faster,
PhotoReading enables you to use your
brain more effectively

The PhotoReading Whole Mind System is a 5-step approach to reading that includes a technique called PhotoReading. By using your mind and applying the 5 steps of the PhotoReading you can get your reading done in one-third the time. Even as a beginner.

You can learn PhotoReading in a weekend. Or with the home study course in two weeks if you invest 40 minutes a day for 14 days. The home study course is available here. After learning the system you'll be able finish the same book in one-third the time with the same or better understanding.

First lets look at Speed Reading

People often look at speed reading because they have so much to read. With speed reading you have to move your eyes faster and faster across the page. You hope your conscious mind can keep up. Of course it can't really. Some courses even recommend memory courses to help you to increase the short-term memory.

Speed reading takes 2 to 4 weeks of practice to even double your reading speed. And then you have to keep practising speed reading regularly or you'll find yourself slowing down. Another problem with speed reading is you need to train your mind to improve short-term memory. Until you successfully learn speed reading you will not have the understanding you had with traditional reading. You must keep pushing your eyes faster across the page and not worry about understanding what you read for a few weeks. And this is where most people give up.

Is that good enough while you are studying? Spending 30 to 60 minutes a day practicing speed reading at the expense of understanding?  Many speed reading programs will warn you there will be a decrease in understanding and you must ignore it. We don't have time for practise. We want results And when we read we want to understand what we read. Who wants to add practising 60 minutes a day when they need to be studying?

How is PhotoReading different?

PhotoReading is not reading. PhotoReading is mentally photographing the printed page at 25,000 to 60,000 words a minute for the printed page. As fast as we can turn the pages. On the computer screen we PhotoRead even faster than that. Okay there isn't any comprehension there and the good thing is it only takes a couple of minutes for the average book or 10 minutes for most textbooks.

The rest of the step are for conscious comprehension that we need.

We build the conscious understanding we enjoy with traditional reading. Even  beginners can get their reading done in on third the time.  Advanced PhotoReaders can finish books in 1/5th or even 1/10th the time. Depending on their reading purpose.

At a weekend seminar, regardless of your reading speed on Friday. By Monday you will have the skills  that allow you get your reading in one-third the time. With the same and often even better understanding of what you read. There is no practise drills you improve by using the system. Simply apply the PhotoReading techniques to all your reading material.  How does it get better than that? Ennjoy the increase in understanding, get it done and enjoy the time normally spent on important reading doing other things.

You only need to apply what you learn. In the beginning, you will be more consistent in applying as many of the techniques you learned during the weekend. In a few weeks you'll find that you're using them without thinking about it.

With PhotoReading once you've learned the steps of the system you can come back to it any time. So if you go on a holiday trekking the Himalayas for two months where there is no reading , when you come back, you will still be able to get your reading done in one-third the time.  It's like riding a bike once you know how, you just do it.

An minor benefit of using the PhotoReading system is that your natural reading speed will probably increase.  Something handy for all those social media post and websites you're probably reading now.

Find out when the next PhotoReading Seminar, here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me

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